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Muchima is a travelling collection of the finest quality t-shirts and accessories Australia's rock festival circuit has ever seen. Punk, rock, metal, hardcore, indie, classic, blues, jazz for the cats, ska for the skankers, reggae for freedom... oh did we mention punk, punk, punk we love that shit!!! There's only 1 thing finer than punk and that's Celtic Punk and we are at odds internally as to whether gyp-hop/ gypsy pirate punk crossover bands top the aforementioned. We stock:

Shirts ; band t shirts, movie shirts, singlets, funky kids t's and hoodies

Mens apparel: punk n metal collared shirts, shorts, jeans, ties

Woman’s apparel: dresses, skirts, t-shirts necklaces, ties

Accessories: gothic dolls, belts and belt buckles, assorted tins, key rings, sweatbands, magnets, badges, gloves

Bags: canvas and vinyl bags and backpacks, wallets

Headwear: hats, beanies and bandannas.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to those who have been waiting patiently for this site to open. Yes we're slack bastards... we HAVE taken our time as we juggle the demands of family and work ... but we do hope the finished product is worth the wait.

We have a huge existing range but can hunt down the even more obscure if something else takes your fancy. We do have a home and it is from this that we launch this sweet web-site linked to our facebook page. The best place to try on our clothing is at your nearest n coolest festival. We don't always bring along all our shirts so the best place to view all our merchandise is from this web-site. A team of over-paid but highly efficient warehouse vermin will have your order out to you in no time.

Oi Oi! Come on all yea good rats!


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